Epona Wisdom

The spiral path of Holistic Horsekinship.
"Power with. Not power over." - Lucy Pearce
Mindfulness blended with Horsekinship.
Repairing the bridge between our inner landscape and the natural world.
Group Classes:
  • Mindful Loving Kindness
  • Mindful Presence
  • Mindful Connection

Mindful Loving Kindness - In the presence of the Epona Wisdom Herd, journey within to the wellspring of abundant, universal love that lives within you. Learn from earth, nature, and yourself the path to universal loving kindness through guided meditations, movements practices, and channeled teachings of divine love. {No horse experience necessary and suitable for those with a fear of horses as this is a non-contact experience with the Epona Wisdom Herd.}

Mindful Presence - Working hands-on with the Epona Wisdom Herd, learn to tap into your innate ability for non-verbal, socio-sensual communication. Under the guidance and facilitation of Colleen Hallett, the horses act as your guide as we receive and integrate the wisdom they bring forward in each class. Through meditation, mindfulness, and simple, profound exercises with the horses we re-member our body's innate wisdom and return to a place of deeply rooted presence within our own bodies.

Mindful Connection - Participating in groundwork and liberty exercises with the members of the Epona Wisdom Herd, we learn to navigate being in right relationship with these magnificent beings. In this class we engage with the herd from an open heart and a deeply rooted presence within our own bodies, while navigating specialized exercises with the horses. The true nature of the horse shines brightest when both it's natural and spiritual aspects of self are honored. When we honor this sovereignty within them, we honor the sovereignty within ourselves as well.