Holistic Sporthorse: The Intuitive, Whole Horse Approach

Holistic Sporthorse is the dream child of creatrix Colleen Hallett. Seamlessly blending classical training with ancient embodiment wisdom as well as the science of rider and equine biomechanics, her unique program is a hallmark example of the unlimited possibilities between humans and horses.

We are igniting the cultural shift towards compassionate horsekinship!

When we work from our heart, anything is possible.


Colleen Hallett - Creatrix of Holistic Sporthorse and Epona Wisdom

Trust in yourself. Trust in your horse.

Colleen’s approach to the equine/human relationship is second to none; expertly blending what is best for the horse and what works best for the rider.

Drawing on an expansive background unlike any other, Colleen brings vast amounts of knowledge across many realms of equestrian sport and equine care into the arena every time she teaches or trains. Whether working with a seasoned competitor, a new horse owner, or a troubled horse, Colleen always brings the best of herself to each interaction.  

Impeccable with her character, she is a trusted resource to many in the horse world.

Colleen is a true innovator who works tirelessly to champion for the good of the horse in and out of the show ring.

For information regarding private coaching sessions and clinics with Colleen please refer to Epona Wisdom.


Additional Members of Our Wellness Team

Kristen Vlietstra, Saddlery Solutions – Solutions for you and your horse.

Rachael Knopf, Epona Chiropractic – Vitalistic chiropractic care for spines of all kinds.

Meghan Brady, Equine Solutions – Enhancing performance and wellbeing for both our four and two-legged bodies.

Jordan Stanton, JS Horsewomanship – Wild herbal medicine for horses + humans.