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Training + Success

A Tangible Process

It takes great wisdom to craft a program that is truly beneficial for the horse as well as rewarding and fulfilling for the rider. Holistic Sporthorse seamlessly blends both worlds to create your individualized path to success.

With the right program, anything is possible!



Our program fosters a sense of well-being for both horse and rider.

Our unique, comprehensive methodology not only assists you in learning to ride easefully but encourages willingness from your equine partner as well. Our compassion based, holistic approach to both training and equine care creates the balance needed for progress up through the levels. Holistic Sporthorse’s carefully crafted program builds a co-creative partnership between horse and rider ensuring willing partnership and a solid foundation for success in and out of the show ring.

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Our fun and focused approach to teaching helps riders of all ages and abilities grow their skills along with their confidence. Holistic Sporthorse’s progressive approach teaches riders correct biomechanics in both the equine and rider's physical form. This methodology not only assists you in learning to ride pain free but encourages willingness from the horse.

Whether you are new to riding or a returning rider, our seasoned show horses help you build a classical foundation or horsemanship that will set you up for years of enjoyment in the saddle.

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